PISCES Software

We will have more information soon, but in the meantime, you can click here to download the PISCES installer (2.2GB) for Windows 7 and above. It requires ArcGIS 10.2 or above be installed, but automatically installs all other necessary software.

Warning: If you use Python on your computer, the PISCES installer will set the version used by ArcGIS to be the default version. If this is not desirable, please get in touch with us about options.

Once installed, proceed to the documentation to learn about using it.

Known Issues

  • On some installs, we have received reports of slowness in rendering the editing map document. We believe it's related to pyramids for the hillshade. Disabling or removing the hillshade layer (swiss_hillshade_flattened) resolves the performance issue - you can add your own basemap for editing as a workaround in the meantime.
  • Found a bug or issue in the software? Report it here