Fish Data

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Download spatial data for all native fish species (1.1GB) as a zipped set of Esri Shapefiles. The zip package includes PNG image rangemaps as well. To get the most flexible and powerful copy of the PISCES database that can export in other formats and more rich maps, download the software installer for ArcGIS 10.2 and above.

Search for data on specific fish

Search for California native fish below and click on a fish to bring up a page with individual downloads as KML files for Google Earth, or Esri Shapefiles

Family Scientific Name Common Name
Petromyzontidae Entosphenus tridentata Pacific lamprey
Percidae Percina macrolepida Bigscale logperch
Percidae Perca flavescens Yellow perch
Osmeridae Thaleichthys pacificus Eulachon
Osmeridae Hypomesus nipponensis Wakasagi
Osmeridae Spirinchus thaleichthys Longfin smelt
Osmeridae Hypomesus pacificus Delta smelt
Mugilidae Mugil cephalus Striped mullet
Moronidae Morone saxatilis Striped bass
Moronidae Morone chrysops White bass
Menidiinae Menidia beryllina subspecies Mississippi silversides
Ictaluridae Ameiurus melas Black bullhead
Ictaluridae Ameiurus catus White catfish
Ictaluridae Ameiurus natalis Yellow bullhead
Ictaluridae Ameiurus nebulosus Brown bullhead
Ictaluridae Ictalurus furcatus Blue catfish
Ictaluridae Ictalurus punctatus Channel catfish
Ictaluridae Pylodictis olivaris Flathead Catfish
Gobiidae Eucyclogobius newberryi Tidewater goby
Gobiidae Tridentiger bifasciatus Shimofuri goby
Gobiidae Acanthogobius flavimanus Yellowfin goby
Gasterosteidae Gasterosteus aculeatus subspecies Shay Creek stickleback
Gasterosteidae Gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus Coastal threespine stickleback
Gasterosteidae Gasterosteus aculeatus williamsoni Unarmored threespine stickleback
Gasterosteidae Gasterosteus aculeatus microcephalus Inland threespine stickleback
Gasterosteidae Culaea inconstans Brook stickleback
Fundulidae Lucania parva Rainwater killifish
Fundulidae Lucania goodei Bluefin killifish
Embiotocidae Hysterocarpus traskii traskii Sacramento tule perch
Embiotocidae Hysterocarpus traskii pomo Russian River tule perch
Embiotocidae Hysterocarpus traskii lagunae Clear Lake tule perch
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae Tecopa pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon nevadensis nevadensis Saratoga Springs pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Fundulus parvipinnis California killifish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon macularius Desert pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon radiosus Owens pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon nevadensis amargosae Amargosa River pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon nevadensis shoshone Shoshone pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon salinus salinus Salt Creek pupfish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon salinus milleri Cottonball Marsh pupfish
Cyprinidae Siphatales bicolor bicolor Klamath tui chub
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys osculus subspecies Santa Ana speckled dace
Cyprinidae Pogonichthys macrolepidotus Sacramento splittail
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys osculus subspecies Long Valley speckled dace
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys osculus subspecies Owens speckled dace
Cyprinidae Mylopharodon conocephalus Hardhead
Cyprinidae Lavinia symmetricus subditus Monterey roach
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys osculus nevadensis Amargosa Canyon speckled dace
Cyprinidae Lavinia symmetricus symmetricus Central California roach
Cyprinidae Lavinia exilicauda exilicauda Sacramento hitch