Software and Data License

This license covers PISCES (a Programmable Geographic Information System for Cataloging and Encoding Species observations) in whole and in part, including maps, data, and other exports coming out of the software or available in a downloaded package that this license comes with, in addition to any results generated by users of the PISCES software.

PISCES is created and owned by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the UC Regents. PISCES is licensed similarly to the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-alike license, with a few additions. It is freely available for noncommerical use, so long as you attribute it correctly (see citation information, next paragraph) and share any modifications. We also ask that you let us know where you’re using it. For commercial or government use, or if you wish to incorporate PISCES into another database, you must get written permission from the authors. For each of these situations, please contact Nick Santos.

For more information, please visit The relevant citation for PISCES data, results, software, and accompanying materials is Santos et al, 2014.

PISCES publication: Santos, Nicholas R., Jacob VE Katz, Peter B. Moyle, and Joshua H. Viers. “A programmable information system for management and analysis of aquatic species range data in California.” Environmental Modelling & Software 53 (2014): 13-26.