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Import a dataset where the input filter and species code mappings already exist. This is a simplified interface to the much larger PISCES import functionality (which can import tables, coordinates, rasters, etc) - if you need to use import features not available here, check the documentation for help on manually setting up an import in PISCES.



ImportDataset (Dataset, Input_Filter, Species, Field_Mapping)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Dataset Dialog Reference

The dataset containing the data you would like to have PISCES translate and load. This tool only supports importing feature classes - if you would like to import data in other formats, you will need to set up the import manually. See the full PISCES documentation for guidance on this.

Feature Class
Input_Filter Dialog Reference

The name of the already existing Input Filter that will translate the dataset. Input Filters tend to be specific to data format and layout - if you are importing a new type of dataset where the type isn't yet in PISCES, you may need to set up a new input filter in order to set up species translation and location mappings. See the documentation for more on how to do this

Species Dialog Reference

The PISCES species if this is a single species dataset, or select "Determined per-record by software" for datasets with multiple species' data.

Field_Mapping Dialog Reference

This parameter sets up the way that fields in the dataset being imported translate to fields in PISCES. For each field that needs to be translated, click the plus sign on the right to add a new row, then put the field in PISCES in the PISCES_Field column and the field name from the dataset in the Input_Field column. See the full documentation's tutorial on this tool for a list of options for PISCES_Field. Generally, you can use Species and Date as the most common options.

Handler_Function allows for overrides of behavior, but should only be used by advanced users.

Required can be either 0 (no) or 1 (yes) and indicates whether PISCES should consider an error to have occurred if a record doesn't have that attribute.

Record Set

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