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Outputs preconfigured PISCES maps for species you select



GenerateMap2 (Map, {Map_Description}, {Generate_map_for_each_of_these_items}, {Generate_map_for_each_of_these_items_Holder}, {Open_MXD_when_complete}, {Export_Data_Driven_Pages}, {Export_PNG}, {Export_PDF}, {Export_KML_of_each_layer}, {Export_SHP_of_each_layer}, {Generate_Metadata__when_configured_}, {Iterator}, {Export_Layer_Package_of_each_layer})

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Map Dialog Reference

The name of the preconfigured map set that you want to export. Supports autocomplete if you type in part of a name (5 chars or more). The "Last Map Configuration" map will output the current map export settings and will ignore modifications you make - though you still must specify a species in order to get the tool to continue.

Map_Description (Optional) Dialog Reference

A read-only field that gives you the description provided for the map, if any.

Generate_map_for_each_of_these_items (Optional) Dialog Reference

When a map can be run for mulltiple inputs, a list of those inputs will be here. Most maps of this type are species-related, in which case, this list contains species and groups. When you select one, it will appear in the next box down (which is the holder for these items), indicating it is selected for output.

Some maps use other data as parameters (such as HUC_12 IDs). When you change to one of these maps, the data in this box will update to the list of options.

If this field is greyed out/disabled, then the map does not take parameters.

This field supports autocomplete when you type more than 5 characters and position your cursor outside the box

Generate_map_for_each_of_these_items_Holder (Optional) Dialog Reference

Holds the items selected in the previous step. Uncheck an item to remove it

Multiple Value
Open_MXD_when_complete (Optional) Dialog Reference

When checked, the MXD result will auto-open, unless more than one MXD is produced. I recommend checking the "close when complete" box on the geoprocessing window in this case, as opening a new arcmap window freezes when a geoprocessing result is up.

Export_Data_Driven_Pages (Optional) Dialog Reference

Check if you want maps with a data driven pages configuration to also output those maps - an example is forest level maps for species.

Export_PNG (Optional) Dialog Reference

Check to have a PNG version of the map exported

Export_PDF (Optional) Dialog Reference

Check to have a PDF version of the map exported

Export_KML_of_each_layer (Optional) Dialog Reference

Check to have a KML version of the produced layers exported

Export_SHP_of_each_layer (Optional) Dialog Reference

Check to have a SHP version of the produced layers exported. Will pop up many console windows briefly, but don't worry about it.

Generate_Metadata__when_configured_ (Optional) Dialog Reference

For map sets that support metadata on output layers, this checkbox toggles whether or not to generate the metadata. Metadata generation is a slow process and adds quite a bit of time to outputting maps, so we recommend only enabling it for finished products and not for testing.

Iterator (Optional) Dialog Reference

This is a system field and cannot be edited.

Export_Layer_Package_of_each_layer (Optional) Dialog Reference

Configures whether or not to export an ArcGIS layer package of every layer in this map document. These layers will be exported into the "web layer output folder" - configurable in the options tool.


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Nick Santos 4/2013

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