Add Unique Field Values as Alt Codes

Titleā€ƒ Add Unique Field Values as Alt Codes


This tool installs alternate names for taxa into the PISCES database for use by a specific input filter (Input Filter) and enables translation of those values to the PISCES values. It extracts the unique values from a field (Alt Code Column) in a table or feature class (Feature) and creates a record for each one, by default without the corresponding species code. You will still need to edit the alt_codes table in pisces.sqlite and add the corresponding PISCES species code into the appropriate field. As an alternative, you can add a field to the same dataset with a column (FID column) that contains the PISCES species codes in order to make the references in ArcMap, which will then be loaded up into the alt_codes table (untested functionality).



addunique2 (Feature, Alt_Code_Column, Input_Filter, {FID_Column})

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Feature Dialog Reference

The feature class or table that contains the data to import.

Data Element
Alt_Code_Column Dialog Reference

The field in the dataset that contains the foreign names (ie, non PISCES species identifiers, whether common name, scientific name, or other ID scheme) to import.

Input_Filter Dialog Reference

The PISCES Input Filter to associate these values with. The values in the Alt Code Column are only valid to match up with species for this input filter.

FID_Column (Optional) Dialog Reference

(optional). WARNING: This functionality is untested - before you spend time adding the PISCES values to the dataset, you should verify that this works on a small subsample.

Select the column that holds the PISCES FIDs that correspond with the values in the Alt Code Column option above, effectively mapping the Alt Code Columnvalue to the FID Column value for each record.


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