Add Species Data to Collection

Titleā€ƒ Add Species Data to Collection


Takes all observation/presence records for a given taxon and adds those records to a specific collection of observations. Collections allow you to quality control PISCES observations and keep distinct or overlapping subdatasets with various meanings (such as a "high quality" dataset). For more information on collections, see the full PISCES documentation in your documentation folder or online at



AddToCollection (Species, Collection)

Parameter Explanation Data Type
Species Dialog Reference

Select the taxon whose records you wish to add to collection specified in the next parameter. All records currently existing for this taxon in the PISCES database will be marked as being part of the collection. As of this writing, it is not possible to further subset using this tool.

Collection Dialog Reference

Select the name of the collection you would like to add the taxon's data to.

If you wish to create a new collection, you will need to edit the database and add a row to the table defs_collections


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