Add HUC12 Attributes

Title Add HUC12 Attributes


Adds a boolean attribute to the PISCES HUC 12 set. Takes a selection of HUCs and a field name. HUCs in the selection will be marked as True - having the attribute - while excluded HUCs will be False. These attributes can be useful for subsetting maps based upon region.

If you supply an existing column name (from Zones_Aux in pisces.sqlite), then this tool will instead update the values to the value of a column you select in the HUC12 dataset you pass in for parameter 1 - make sure the data types match first.



addhucattributes2 (HUCs, Attribute_Name, {Input_Attribute_Name})

Parameter Explanation Data Type
HUCs Dialog Reference

A selection of HUCs using a valid HUC12 layer.

Feature Layer
Attribute_Name Dialog Reference

The name of the field you would like to create in PISCES for the HUC 12s. The field will be created in the table Zones_Aux

Input_Attribute_Name (Optional) Dialog Reference

Optional. A field in the HUC 12 dataset to update the attribute specified in the previous parameter to. Only works if the field already exists in PISCES and they have matching data types.


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